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Creative Process

I strive to have my clients as involved in the creative process as possible. After all, it's one of the best parts! Together we'll navigate your project from conception to completion, and your vision will guide the process. Each project is different and deserves a custom approach.


Clean, Modern Design, with a Playful Side...


Work with Me

The design process can be overwhelming. With so much inspiration available, it can be easy to become distracted and lose site of your project identity. I love exploring your inspiration to help bring unity and focus to your ideas. 

I’m passionate about working with creatives and small businesses to bring their visions to life. I love working together to create a final product that feels so uniquely them.  


“I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Heather for over 4 years running and I hope to keep her on my team forever. She has an amazing creative eye, she listens and cares to my directions, she always comes back with work better than expected. She works incredibly fast and I've always felt like the art she comes up with is worth every penny and more.

I get endless compliments about our brand and I know in most that it is because Heather is a creative genius. I can not thank her enough for being apart of our crew and for all her support she's given throughout the years. I only hope she still has time for us in the future!”

– Kristal Muhich, Kauai Juice Co.


“When my partner, Molly McAleer, and I started our Plz Advise, the only direction we gave Heather for the artwork was something vaguely like, “Maybe it has a lip telephone thing” and gave her a handful of disconnected images we felt captured the show’s vibe. Heather took those ideas and ran with them, picking out a color scheme that was inherently alluring, even at a tiny podcast artwork size (and a year later EVERYONE was using those colors). 

She is also keenly aware and compassionate to client’s budgetary needs and works hard to make sure you walk away with a wonderful experience. Her work always exceeds your expectations in a way that helps you envision how you can push your brand even farther than you ever initially imagined.”

– Kristina Lopez, Plz advise


“Anytime I have an opportunity to work with or hire Heather, I do. Everything she touches turns gold.”

– Shane Becker, g5


“Heather is the most skilled designer I’ve worked with, period. Her ability to turn fuzzy ideas into great user experiences is unparalleled. She just gets it.”

– Elise Worthy,  Ada Developers Academy & formidable


“Branding your baby (business) is not easy. There are so many decisions to make and can include a lot of internal back and forth in terms of minute details and helping to have your branding stand out among the rest of companies in like-minded markets.

Heather both helped my company stand out from the rest as well as offer critical insight, packaging resources, and patience through the branding process! I couldn't be happier to continue working with her on future projects.”

– Liz Smithers, Laka


"Heather is fun and easy to work with. She easily translates my rough ideas into beautiful images and designs that help keep our brand fresh and current. I highly recommend working with her!"

Taryn Rodighiero, KaiKini Bikini


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