Branding / Packaging

Hawaiian Chili Pepper Sauce


The Hawaiian chili pepper is small is size but is definitely not lacking in flavor and heat. They are so hard to come by in bulk that Pepper Pimp purchases them every week at the market in small kraft bags. Then they are fermented for at least 6 months before use. The company truly lives up to it's tagline of "Grown Here. Not Flown Here." This sauce is for those who like it hot, but won't sacrifice flavor for spice.

I worked on a full branding package and labels for the Kauai based brand, Pepper Pimp in collaboration with Kauai Juice Co. In order to highlight the uniqueness of the Hawaii based company, I created their pepper logo mark using the islands as the body. The company now carries seven flavors of hot sauce, as well as an ever changing specialty batch. 




Grown Here. Not Flown Here.